All Kentucky Health and Safety Training American Heart Association (AHA) Instructors are required to be reevaluated every two years for quality assurance.


To be eligible for renewal, Instructors must:

  • Be proficient at instructing AHA courses on a routine basis
  • Be able to successfully: Prepare, teach, test, remediate, close, and keep current for courses.
  • Be distinguished at completing AHA course paperwork & successfully entering into Enrollware
  • Be distinguished at submitting course records on-time
  • Be distinguished at issuing and editing eCards
  • Score an overall 89% eCard survey score


Kentucky Health and Safety Training, LLC and its affiliated training sites reserves the right to conduct additional instructor evaluations if deemed necessary throughout the year.  


All Instructors are required to contact their previous evaluator sixty (60) days in advance to schedule their renewal monitoring. If an evaluator does not wish to conduct a renewal monitoring or an Instructor has been denied, please contact the Training Center or Training Site. Renewal fees may apply. Any Instructor who allows their Instructor certification to lapse will be required to repeat the Instructor course. To re-register go to


Please contact the Training Center or Training Site if in need of assistance.