Interested in Training American Heart Association Instructors? 

See if you qualify to become a Training Center Faculty member for Kentucky Health and Safety Training!


How to become a Training Center Faculty?

STEP 1: Eligibility 

  • Hold a current American Heart Association BLS Instructor Certification
  • Instructs AHA Basic Life Support courses on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Must be: 
    • Distinguished at instructing AHA BLS & Heartsaver Instructor-Led & Blended Learning Skills Sessions 
    • Distinguished at preparing, teaching, testing, remediating, closing, and keeping current for all AHA Courses.  
    • Distinguished at submitting and uploading accurate course records on-time into Enrollware
    • Distinguished at using the American Heart Association Instructor Network
    • Distinguished at issuing eCards on time and editing eCards 
    • Fantastic lecturer 
    • Distinguished self-learner
    • Have an overall 90% eCard survey score 


  • Must be an American Heart Association BLS Instructor for at least 2 years (Heartsaver Instructors not eligible) 
  • Be recommended by the Training Center or affiliated Training Site 
  • Required interviewed by the Training Center Coordinator

STEP 2: Registration  

  • Register & Complete the Training Center Faculty Instructor course

STEP 3: Monitoring  

  • TCF Candidates must set-up their own Instructor Course and complete an Instructor Monitoring within 30 days after the TCF Instructor course. 



  • $500 starting Jan 2022


2-Year TCF Certification (certification will not transfer)


Renewal Fee

  • $250

2020 TCF Schedule – Louisville, KY (Dates TBA due to COVID-19)


Teaching District

United States of America, alignment with Kentucky Health and Safety Training required.


Training Center Faculty (TCFs) members qualified to Instruct upon completion of course: 

  1. BLS Instructor Course
  2. Heartsaver Instructor Course
  3. BLS Provider
  4. BLS Renewal
  5. BLS Skills Session
  6. Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED Course
  7. Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPRAED Course
  8. Heartsaver Skills Session
  9. Bloodborne Pathogens
  10. HandsOnly CPR

Have questions about the TCF course or TCF role? Contact the Training Center or Training Site!