Heartsaver Instructor
AHA Autorized Training Center

We are accepting new Heartsaver Instructors!

Heartsaver courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for a job, regulatory (IE: OSHA), or other requirements.

How to become a Heartsaver Instructor?


How to become a Heartsaver Instructor?

Currently hold an AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED Certification

Complete the Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Course at elearning.heart.org


How to become a Heartsaver Instructor?

Register & Complete the Classroom Heartsaver Instructor Course


How to become a Heartsaver Instructor?

Set-Up your own Heartsaver Instrutor-Led Course and successfully complete an Instructor Monitoring, within 30 days after the Instructor Course.


  • $350 Per Applicant

Applicant Prerequisites

  1. 21 Years of Age, Training Site Requirement Effective March 2019
  2. Hold an American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED Certification
  3. Complete the Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Course Online
  4. Be knowledgeable and skillful in Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED

2-Year Instructor Certification

Courses Offered Monthly:

Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Courses Nashville

Nashville, TN

Heartsaver Instructors Qualified to Instruct:

  • Heartsaver Courses
  • Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Family & Friends CPRAED

Teaching District

  • United States of America, alignment with KY Health Safety required.

Instructor Restrictions

  • Instructors are able to set their own schedule & issue their own certifications. Alignment with KY Health Safety required

Heartsaver Instructors Qualified to Instruct

  • Heartsaver Courses
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Family & Friends CPR

Additional Purchases Required, Not Included.

  • Heartsaver Instructor Manual
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED Student Workbook
  • Heartsaver CPRAED First Aid DVD Set
  • Instructor Monitoring Travel Expense

$606.50 Estimated Cost per Heartsaver Instructor Applicant Before shipping, tax, & travel expense.

Estimated Cost includes: 

  1. Heartsaver Instructor Essentials
  2. Heartsaver Instructor Course
  3. Heartsaver Instructor Manual
  4. Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED DVD Set
  5. Heartsaver First Aid CPRAED Participant Manual

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